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Deadpool's second outing follows a new version of its titular character, Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds, who is also set to direct). It is the first film in the franchise to be directed by Todd Phillips and released on 4 March 2013 as an X-Men spinoff title written/directed by David Leitch. The story is based on Donny Cates' novel series published under the same name published by Doubleday in 2002 called Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2

Deadpool stars Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool; he plays his role as the superhero known for pranking people at parties with his quips. He is played by another former actor now working as the director who has also worked on other major projects such as Taken, Jack Reacher's Diary, The Dark Knight Returns, and The Suicide Squad, which all took place between Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. His mission leads him into the world of cyberspace and his enemies include Marvel supervillains Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, Red Skull, King Shark, Doctor Octopus, Bishopric, Kraven the Hunter, Nightfire, Silver Surfer, and even an alien species from outer space known as Hallelujah!

Deadpool's nemesis are Captain America, Thor, Green Goblin, She-Hulk, Baron Mordo, Dr Strange, Daredevil, Iceman Vixen, Cable, War Machine, Hogarth, Gage, Kree (a race that can change colours), Deathstroke, Cheetah, Happy Meal Man, Grandmaster Baddeley, Lobo Zombie Eatery Owner, Puck, Lizard, Dormouse and many others...

Deadpool has always been portrayed as being extremely clever and witty, but the filmmakers used the same tricks that they have been using the entire time because it works better than the original films. In this sequel, Deadpool was given a whole new look from the comics, with a younger face in an older body. This was done especially well throughout the action sequences, which were very engaging to watch. Fans will feel like there are two different sides of their favourite hero in both movies, one serious and cynical and funny, and the characters are well fleshed out. They are very witty and incredibly relatable and while some elements are much darker and less comedic, the humour is still quite light and enjoyable. We see every side of Deadpool, he seems to be aware of everything, but not really knows what the main objective is. It does get dark, as you can tell because he gets angry sometimes. I don't think it gets to extremes. While we see the darker elements and we see how he is feeling, he tries and he fails because he has no knowledge or any clues whatsoever of why. There is nothing to do, except for maybe the occasional fight or comic book related thing, like when Spider-Man beat up Gage, I don't understand that because those guys are just trying to become good villains and get back to what they used to be like. Deadpool fans will feel like the movie makes them laugh every single time it's shown, they know exactly why everything is happening but it is simply not enough to stop them and they like seeing the villain doing bad things. They also like watching the heroes solve problems and they like having fun.

As you would expect, each person in the cast is excellent and they bring something to the table, without giving away anything that viewers might want. Some may think that this film could be too long, but that depends on your eyesight. People can see it in a day, they can start experiencing after they have seen two days, so you get a lot more satisfaction than if it was too long and the plot is very easy to follow. The script is really good and doesn't take itself seriously. You can watch it in about 90 minutes, you have a couple of hours between the first and last film, you have only to pay attention to the final ten minutes. It isn't that hard. Even though it has a deeper focus than the previous films, it is still more focused on comedy than the usual adventure genre.

It has a great cast and actors give great performances in this film. It is nice to see the supporting actors for this film and it was excellent cast who brought something to the table. Deadpool had a little bit of a lighter skin tone than most stars in films, some of those roles looked rather dark because of the use of black and white lighting and colouring, it made me wonder if we would be getting a real sense of the real story of the characters because some of these characters look pretty gloomy at times. Some of the special effects seem cool and some are not. For example, the underwater scenes are awesome but they did make some things like, like certain types of explosions sound not natural in the air, it made me wonder whether the CGI made that possible. It just looks amazing. It is worth saying that the editing was fantastic as well. It is mostly basic, it has a few bits that are slightly advanced but that is quite understandable, it could be done in post-production but that was not so common. Also, certain shots of certain objects are edited in such a way such that they look like they belong in a science fiction movie.

Overall, I liked the second film of the franchise, though it was hard to decide whether it was better than the first one, I liked it enough to finish the trilogy. I cannot wait to see where this third film goes. It is my personal favourite among the three films and that is good enough for me to keep going after the first film. The sequels tend to go off topic and lose their audiences' attention before being able to return with a brand new idea. The writers have found ways to improve upon past formulaic stories and the results are entertaining, if predictable. Overall this film is decent, good looking, and very original. It is a shame to die and soon die again.

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